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Old 03-13-2014, 03:09 PM
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Default Region 4 Minutes March 11, 2014

MARCH 11, 2014

Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed. One guest was present, Dillon Massey (Ed Massey’s grandson). Earl asked everyone to introduce themselves since we have some new delegates tonight.

MINUTES: Since we had canceled our February region meeting due to weather a motion was made by Ed Massey (Sand Commandos) seconded by Ron Rutherford (Jeepin’ Nomads) to accept the minutes from January as printed; motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Sande Nettnin (Desert Rats) reported that the check that was written to the Chinook Pass Community Association on February 6, 2014 to secure the park for Pick Up A Mountain has not been cashed. Copies of our financial reports for the region for 2013 and Pick Up A Mountain 2013 were passed out at our January meeting and also tonight if you had not picked one up.

COMP: The COMP rule change voted on at Winter Convention passed. This will allow parade laps for Team Relay. Drag Lights needed to be repaired or replaced and the delegation voted to repair them. The Barrel Extravaganza is scheduled for May 10th in Longview, WA at the Cowlitz County Fair Grounds, if you would like to help please contact Dave Taylor PNW’s COMP Chairman at cell phone 206-491-0909 or CompDir@pw4wda.org. Summer Convention will be hosted by Region 3 at Ethel, WA. A list of activities will be posted on the PNW’s Web Site. COMP awards were handed out to those present, Mike Palachuk (Shindig Wheelers) volunteered to try and deliver the rest of them.

MEMBERSHIP: Clubs need to be sure that their person of contact’s name and address is correct. Our PNW’s Membership Chairman had several mailings she sent out returned to her. Please be sure that you list all children on the roster too and if you don’t want to list the birth date please use 1-1 and the year they were born. This will allow her to know if they are eligible to apply for the PNW Scholarship as they must be listed on the roster.

WEB SITE: If you have problems accessing the WEB Site contact the WEB Team at webmaster@pnw4wda.org. There are three guys on the team and they all receive every e-mail.

CLUB POWER/WE DID IT: Chairman Gary Harting (Desert Rats) reported that according to the report given at Winter Convention Region 4 had done very well reporting volunteer hours and miles driven. The program is getting a face lift - hoping this will encourage more participation in the program. Gary will let everyone know what the changes will be as soon as he is notified by the PNW’s Club Power/We Did It Chairman Kathy Greenwood (Offroad Animals). Gary had some forms with him and you can download them from the PNW’s Web Site too.

JR. JEEPERS – Advisor Teia Ireland (Individual Member) said she had nothing new to report.

TRAIL JAMBOREE (Co-Chairmen Sid & Kelda Hagemeier (Shindig Wheelers) were not present. Trail Jamboree was filled by 6 PM on Monday, February 17th. If you would like to go, you can be put on a waiting list. The clean-up for the Jim Sprick Park will be April 11,12 & 13. We will have Hobo Stew Saturday at noon. Please bring 1 can of something to add to the stew or a small baggie of cut up vegetables. Region 4 will provide bowls, spoons, napkins, rolls and butter. Saturday night is also a pot luck. Sid will have a host meeting sometime in the afternoon on the 12th. FYI for people arriving early at Trail Jamboree in July you will not be able to get into the park until Sunday, July 6th at 4 in the afternoon as another group has the park rented until then. Things to bring to the clean-up gloves, rakes, pruners, hand tools, shovels etc. whatever you bring on a work party should work. Not sure what projects we will have to take care of. A question was asked if we were going to have a canned food drive also – answer any cans that are not used in the Hobo Stew will be taken to a food bank.

PR: Chairman Clay Graham (Individual Member) does a very good job sending out alerts etc to our list. So if you have something you want sent out he will take care of it for you. Send him an e-mail to
goplay@easternwashingtonadventures.com. If you wish to be added to our list or removed from the list let him know that.

Merrick Graves (High Country Cruisers) announced that Steve Sutliff ORV Deputy for the Yakima County Sheriff’s department has retired. We will miss Steve with his “Press Hard Four Copies”. He was very active and maybe you had the privilege of meeting him one way or another. His replacement will be Perry Brown. Frank Remley (Shindig Wheelers) made a motion seconded by Clay Graham that we purchase a thank you plaque for Steve, motion carried. The Secretary will take care of ordering it. Ron Rutherford said he had been invited to Steve’s farewell roast party April 2nd given by the Sheriffs dept.

Doug Conner (Roamin’ Chariots) reported that Matt Rasmussen the Franklin County Engineer had attended our January meeting to discuss Juniper Dunes. Matt said they will be getting a grant from the Federal Lands Access Program and expect completion of the new road in 2016. Juniper Dunes is open.

Clay Graham reported the NANEUM meetings will start back up next week on Wednesday. He said it doesn’t look good for motorized getting anything extra. Good news is as long as Green Dot roads stay open within the Fish and Wildlife area we should be ok; as those are 4-wheel drive type roads.

Ron Rutherford reported in the Ahtanum the Iron Gate is going in on the South Fork within a month; however, it will be in the locked open position. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has not made a final decision if it will be closed so they can rehab the area, and allow us to work with and educate the folks who are up there creating problems. Ron said he and some others were up there looking around to see what damage had been done. Ron said he has been in and out of that area for the last 40 years and he has seen more problems than what he saw this year. Ron said he had written to DNR offering some solutions and for now they have backed off closing it down. Discussion followed on what was happening in the Ahtanum; Ron will keep us up to date. Ron stated that the short cut known as the Jack Ass Trail, name had to be changed to Mclaine Shortcut because the folks in Olympia couldn’t handle the word Jack Ass; things were moving ahead on this trail, with volunteers, groups, money, culverts, gates and things were being donated. Things came to a stop last week when the folks in Olympia said NO this is a drainage, it has water in there, and they said no earlier and they said NO again. Their proposal is that they have a spot east of that location we can put in a shortcut. Ron is waiting for a map to see what it is; he will keep us informed. Ron said nothing new in the Wenas; it will officially open May 1st for recreation.

Frank Remley asked who was in charge of the Oak Creek area. Ross Huffman Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) is in charge, Ron is also a member of this group. Discussion followed regarding road closures etc. Earl said we are very fortunate to have Ron keeping an eye on things for us as he has lived in the area longer than most and is familiar with the area.

LIBERTY – a work party will be held May 17 through Memorial Day. Contact persons are Dave McMains (Hurtin’ Units & Sand Commandos) and Dale Neuman (High Country Cruisers). We will have lots to do getting the trails ready. More information will be coming on just what we will be doing and where we will be camping.

We have lost several people in the Cle Elum Ranger District, Tim Foss has retired; Judy the
District Ranger is retiring the end of this month. No permanent replacements have been announced. We have our work cut out for us getting permission to go ahead with our projects.

TWIG (Trails Wilderness Interest Groups) meetings have started up again at the Naches Ranger District. Jeff Leisy will be back May18th and will work with volunteers. Timber Sales – Glass Angel logging will start mid summer and will affect some of our trails. The Nelli may start in the fall. Dry Restoration project is still in the EA; comments can be received until March 15th. Starting date is estimated for 2015, if you have questions contact Michelle King Naches Ranger District 509-653-1420. If you want more information on this project contact Michelle King and ask to be put on her list and you will get the information, they aren’t sending this to the 300 on the Naches mailing list only people who want the information.

All projects will happen under the new 218 rule (the comment period starts right away with the objection period and NO APPEAL PERIOD. The Record of Decision (ROD) is final.

The Wildcat and Indian Creek Roads will remain closed. Discussion followed – no funds are available for Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads.

The Little Naches Restoration Project will start a users group working to provide information to Forest People. This will require a heavy commitment for a year and will be looking at the entire area. They want to develop a proposed action by next January. Lots of discussion followed and they probably will have weekend field trips. Sign up with the Naches Ranger District.

RCO Grants are coming up and Naches will be looking for support letters.

The 1708 Milk Creek Road will not be open until late fall because repair has to coincide with the fish window – July 15 until mid August. It may be open for hunting season this fall.

Clay Graham reported that Representative Doc Hastings is retiring so pick wisely when it comes time to vote this fall. Doc has been a real advocate for 4 X 4 users. Eight people so far have put their hat in the ring, 7 Republicans and 1 Independent; campaign has already started.

White Pass Ski area has a project going to extend the cross country Nordic Ski Trail System Facilities and also the installation of a secondary wastewater treatment system in the existing wastewater treatment facilities that serve facilities on the south side of Highway 12. The comment period will be announced shortly in the Wenatchee World, Yakima Herald, and Centralia Chronicle newspapers. Comments must be postmarked 30 days after the date of publication of legal notice.

The Slab Clean-up 10 AM Saturday, March 22nd at Rankville located north of N. Bonair Road, Zillah, WA is hosted by the Yakima Valley Dust Dodgers and Eastern Washington Adventures.

Selah Jeep Cruise 1-4 PM Saturday, March 15th at Kings Row, 210 S. 1st Street, Selah, WA, bring your Jeep for the cruise, show your flex on the RTI Ramp and meet other Jeepers.

Earl reported on Winter Convention. Data counters – Ron Rutherford had a short presentation at Winter Convention and the PNW approved getting the equipment and the Moonshiners agreed to purchase 3 additional units donating them to the PNW making it a total of 6 units, we are moving ahead ordering the equipment so the counters should be in the ground and working this summer. This should help us when we are told no one is using these trails. Ron said let him know if you have a favorite trail you’d like a counter to be placed on. Tim Foss CleElum Ranger District and Ken Scuito of WARN Industries were made Honorary Members of the PNW. By-Law proposals Article V, Section 7 regarding removal of an officer passed; the other 3 failed. All PNW officers remained the same for 2014. Region Directors gave out their 110% awards. Earl gave his to Doug Conner, Ron Rutherford, Clay Graham, Lisa Graham, Frank Remley, Pam Remley, Alicia Palachuk, Mike Palachuk, Teia Ireland, and Sande Nettnin. A special thank you certificate was given to Luke Ireland. This is a hard decision for the Region Directors since they only get to give out 10. Jim Putman (The Hombres) our Washington State Director gave awards to his land people who were at the meeting and gave awards to the Region Directors to give to the ones that couldn’t make the meeting; Clay Graham for Beverly Sand Dunes and the Naneum Committee and Doug Conner for Juniper Dunes. The Kathy Sterner award was given to Taylor Folden.

A farewell was given by the Naches Ranger District for Jacquie Beidl. Jackie had been with the Naches Ranger District since 1992. A certificate of thanks from the PNW was given to her; Ron Rutherford was able to attend and make the presentation, thanks Ron. Jacquie was an Archeologist with the District and she moved on to the Inyo National Forest in the Yosemite area as head of Archeology. So we lost another person who knew the in’s and out’s of the district.

If you need PNW Insurance and didn’t get your activity to Carol Jensen the PNW’s insurance person by Winter Convention she may have a cancelation; check with her.

Earl reported on the March Board meeting. We made some changes to the Scholarship’s this year; we used to give out 2 - $500 Scholarships – one male and one female with an alternate for each. This year we decided to give 4 - $1000 Scholarships – two male and two female with an alternate for each. The winners for the boy’s – Nicholas Clothier (Offroad Animals) Region 2 and Nicholas O’Brien (Spanaway Moonshiners) Region 2; alternate Christian Spencer (Wandering Willys) Region 1. The girl’s winners were Brittany Schaff (Rainier Ruffians) Region 2 and Sidney Black (Fun Time 4-Wheelers) Region 2; alternate Jasmine Jones (Flat Broke & 4-Wheelin’ Inc.) Region 3.

Blue Ribbon membership renewal is due in April. Doug Conner made a motion seconded by Ron Rutherford that we renew our membership in Blue Ribbon at $100 and make an additional donation to their legal fund of $250 same as we did last year, motion carried.

Desert Rats: delegates attended Winter Convention and we have a couple of new members.
High Country Cruisers: nothing to report.
Roamin’ Chariots: had 2 delegates at Winter Convention and are busy making camping plans.
Sand Commandos: delegates attended Winter Convention; have a run this Sunday to Saddle Mountain.
Ridgerunners: have had several runs to the Ahtanum area, and they are working on their property.
Shindig Wheelers: have a new member, had a couple people go to Winter Convention, they have had runs up Naches and Windy Point. Attended the Moonshiners Swap Meet; and have several runs planned.
Jeepin’ Nomads: attended Winter Convention, the Moonshiners Swap Meet, they have a new candidate. Half of their club went March 1st and 2nd via snowmobiles on Jeep trails assessing downed trees. They have a run planned the end of the month to the Cowiche.
Mountain Masters: have some potential members, half the club attended the Swap Meet; they are working on their rigs getting ready for spring and summer runs.
Individual Members: had their top member challenge in the Colockum; they have a Jeep Cruise March 15th at Kings Row in Selah from 1 to 4 PM followed by a BBQ at Clay Graham’s place with camp out and Sunday run to the Wenas Wildlife area.

Next two Region meeting dates for Region 4 will be:
April 8, 2014 in Pasco at Doug’s shop
May 13, 2014 in Moses Lake at Liberty Off Road
March 15, 2014 Selah Jeep Cruise
March 22, 2014 clean-up at the Slab 10 am – 3 pm Clay Graham contact person
April 12, 2014 clean-up at Jim Sprick Park Sid Hagemeier contact person
April 26, 2014 Moses Lake Sand Dunes Clean - Dave McMains contact person
May 10, 2014 Barrel Extravaganza in Longview
May 17 through Memorial Day Liberty Work party - Dale Neuman & Dave McMains contact persons

Happy Birthday to Kelda Hagemeier. Spanaway Moonshiners event May 24th & 25th playday at Toppenish Rodeo Grounds for more information visit www.moonshinersjeepclub.com. Barb Rutherford (Jeepin’ Nomads) is recovering from surgery. Nomads have put in for permission from the Naches District to be on the trails early to start doing trail maintenance; Naches is considering it. If any of you have an adopted trail you might consider requesting this also.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM
Respectfully Submitted, Sande Nettnin, Secretary/Treasurer
Sande Nettnin
PNW4WDA Secretary
Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer
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