Individual Membership

Individuals can join the PNW4WDA either by joining an existing member club, being a member of an existing club that joins the PNW4WDA, forming a new club that joins the PNW4WDA, or joining as an Individual Member.

Individual membership is intended for people or families who are unable to find a compatible club in their area, or who just want to support the PNW4WDA without being part of a club.

Individual members receive the same benefits and are eligible for the same programs as club members, except that they are not eligible to vote at delegates meetings and they cannot hold an elected office. New members receive a decal with the PNW4WDA logo, which they can display to show their support.

Annual dues for Individual membership are $40.00. The first year's dues are pro-rated according to the month in which you join, with a minimum of $10.00. See the chart below for pro-rated dues.


Individual Membership Pro-rated Dues

January $40.00

February $37.00

March $34.00

April $31.00

May $28.00

June $25.00

July $22.00

August $19.00

September $16.00

October $13.00

November $10.00

December $10.00