Event Insurance

PNW4WDA Event Insurance

The PNW4WDA has available to member clubs an event insurance policy. The policy is a spectator liability only and specifically excludes participants. Clubs can use the insurance for events such as trail runs, poker runs, playdays and mall shows.

The cost of the insurance is determined by the price of the policy divided by the number of events. Any club or region wanting to use the insurance should contact Carol Jensen prior to March 12, 2004. New clubs can have their events added to the policy by contacting Carol by phone at 360-577-0111 or email iad2@pnw4wda.org

The requirements to use the insurance include:

  • Follow the basic PNW4WDA safety rules with regard to competitive events
  • Provide a diagram of the course area
  • Require that participants sign a release waiver
  • Agree that there will be no alcoholic beverages or drugs while driving.