PNW4WDA Scholarship Fund

The PNW4WDA offers an opportunity for its members and their dependents to receive a scholarship to attend a college, university, trade school or other school of higher learning. The PNW4WDA Scholarship was established in 1986 and continues to be funded by donations from member clubs and regions.

Each scholarship applicant must be a PNW4WDA member in good standing for at least two years or a dependent of such a member. Dependents must be under the age of 25 and be listed on the PNW4WDA roster.

Applications must be completed, signed and received by the PNW4WDA Secretary prior to the start of the business meeting at Winter Convention. Applications must be accompanied by a statement as to the reason for applying.

The amount of each scholarship and the number of scholarships to be given for the following year is determined by the Board of Directors at the June Board of Directors meeting. Guidelines require there to be a minimum of four $1000.00 scholarships given each year. Scholarships are generally distributed equally between male and female applicants.

All applications receive equal consideration. Winners are selected by drawing at the first regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting after Winter Convention. Alternates are also drawn, in case a winner is unable to accept their scholarship.

Contact the PNW4WDA Secretary at for more information.