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PNW4WDA Trail Jamboree
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Trail Descriptions

These trails may have to be altered due to forest fire damage, etc.

Trail descriptions are designed to assist you in making educated decisions on which trails to run. A rating of 10 is negotiable by vehicles with significant difficulty and high probability of damage, even for built vehicles that have aftermarket equipment: suspension lifts, locking differentials and aggressive off road tires. On trails rated 8 or 9, a fully stock vehicle may require significant assistance and may be damaged. The ratings assume the driver has off-road driving experience. Drivers will accept the assistance of other drivers, will drive under control and at speeds that will keep tires in contact with the trail. Ratings assume the trails will be dry, but not extremely dusty. If it rains, the trail difficulty increases exponentially.

BALD MOUNTAIN/MANASTASH RIDGE - Easy to moderately difficult, depending upon vehicle type and optional routes selected along the way. This route is suitable for full sized vehicles. Trail is smooth in places, very rutted and bumpy in others, tight in the trees and rocky in other segments. It offers open meadows, scenic views of the Stewart Range, Cascade Crest, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams and the agricultural valleys to the South. Driving time is about six hours. There are several options in this area and the group composition (vehicle types and driving skills) will determine the exact route taken. Difficulty Level = 2-4 for short wheelbase / 4-5 for SUVs / 5-6 for full size rigs.

DIVIDE - This trail is popular with families looking for a moderately difficult challenge with great views of the surrounding terrain. It illustrates the contrasts between forests and meadows with views of Manastash Ridge. Time available & conditions will determine the return route?if time is a premium, the group will take USFS roads back to camp. This trip covers a lot of ground, so expect a long day. Suitable for rigs less than 82 inches in width. Difficulty Level = 4-5. Not recommended for full size vehicles.

HISTORIC NACHES PASS - This trail actually follows most of the route taken by the Ezra Meeker Wagon Train (aka the Longmire Wagon Train) over the Cascade Mountains in 1853. Trail conditions are varied, expect to navigate through dry, wet & loose rocky sections. There are some steep grades, but generally the trail is level. There can be significant amounts of water, depending upon the weather, so some sections are bridged to reduce rutting. A segment on the West Side straddles a narrow ridge, with commanding views of Mount Rainier and the surrounding territory. The trail travels between clear-cut and old growth forests. If the weather is wet, the trail difficulty goes up exponentially. The trail has a seasonal closure on the West Side through 07/15, but Jamboree participants are allowed to use the full trail (subject to change by USFS). Suitable for rigs less than 82 inches in width. Difficulty Level = 5 for short wheelbase & 7 for SUVs. Not recommended for full size vehicles.

CLOVER SPRINGS/MUD SPRINGS - Travel via USFS road to Clover Springs, approximately 20 miles. Stop along the way at Little Bald Mountain and view Flat Iron Lake & Old Scab Mountain. Travel along the ridge trail to Mud Springs. Return over USFS logging roads. Trail is very scenic and fairly smooth. This route is suitable for full sized vehicles. Drive time is approximately four to five hours round trip. Most of the 4x4 trail follows the William O. Douglas Wilderness boundary and offers commanding views of the wilderness area & the Cascade Crest in the distance. Forest scenes are varied, ranging from lowland forest to high elevation, sub-alpine. The USFS roads may be very dusty if weather has been unusually dry. Difficulty Level = 5 for short wheelbase / 7 for SUVs / 8 for full size rigs.

FUNNY ROCKS/MOON ROCKS - Due to the busy weekend traffic, the FS limits this trip to Thursday & Friday only! Funny Rocks is a large formation of smooth sandstone and nearby Moon Rocks looks like an asteroid plopped down in the middle of the forest. If you fancy yourself a rockcrawler, it is a great place to play that can?t be found anywhere else in the area! This trip is suitable for full sized vehicles and offers challenges for everyone. The drive up to the rock formations is fairly mild, but the difficulty level can quickly go up depending on the routes chosen through the rocky playground. Difficulty Level = 6-10+ for all vehicles.

SHOESTRING/UPPER KANER-WESTBOUND - This trip offers virtually everything: rocks, mud, side hills, tight trees, hill climbs. There are also several small creek crossings. Very scenic, extremely popular & very challenging. Most rigs with oversized tires can negotiate the trail in this direction, even with open differentials. Driving time is generally at least eight hours round trip. Suitable for rigs less than 82 inches in width. Difficulty Level = 8-9. Not recommended for full size vehicles.

KANER/QUARTZ-EASTBOUND - The rating is due largely to a long & very steep climb on the Upper Kaner that is very difficult to negotiate with a stock vehicle, even with oversized tires and suspension lift. Winching assistance may be required. Most vehicles with OEM highway all season tires will require extensive winching and may be damaged. Quartz is a ridge top trail with commanding views of the Cascade Crest, the Stewart Range & Mount Rainier once you get to the top. Suitable for rigs less than 82 inches in width. Difficulty Level = 9-10. Not recommended for full size vehicles.

ROCKY SADDLE This trail was designed for short wheel base vehicles with lockers front and rear, a full roll cage, aggressive tires, a CB and a winch. For experienced drivers only! There is a high risk of vehicle damage. Plan for a long day! Suitable for rigs less than 82 inches in width. Difficulty Level = 9-10. Not recommended for full size vehicles.

RIMROCK The trails in the Rimrock Lake area are VERY difficult and recommended for the experienced driver only! The trails are known for being very tight, off-camber with steep hill climbs & descents?expect windshield damage. However, the scenery is incredible and worth the effort. Rigs wanting to run these trails will require additional technical inspection: 6 point roll cage, lockers front & rear, winch, oversized/aggressive tires, CB, spare parts & an experienced driver. The trail head is 40 miles away via HWY410 & HWY12?rigs need to be able to cruise at 55 mph. However, trailering your rig might be an option (contact your host club the night before to verify). Plan for an early departure and a very long day! Suitable for rigs less than 80 inches in width. Difficulty Level = 10+. Not recommended for full size vehicles. The trail host club will determine final eligibility.

MAIN RATTLESNAKE TRAIL - The trail is approximately 3 miles in length and is very scenic and ends at a wilderness boundary. You will return the same route as this trail ends at a camp site with views of a clear and cold swimming hole. If the weather is hot, plan on a refreshing dip while taking a lunch break. Definitely a family trip with easy rolling terrain. Difficulty Level = 2-4 for short wheelbase / 4-5 for SUVs / 5-6 for full size rigs.

LITTLE RATTLESNAKE - This trail is on Bethel Ridge. The trail is technical and tight with a potential risk of vehicle damage. The trail is run one way. Return trip is via FS road 1500. If time permits, the group will make a stop at Timberwolf for a 360 degree scenic panorama of the area. The FS has special rig restrictions for this trail?width is limited to 75 inches max & wheel base to 94 inches max. No exceptions. Difficulty Level = 6. Full size & SUV rigs not allowed. The trail host club will determine final eligibility.


Subject to change: Short wheelbase vehicles are less than or equal to 94 inches in length.