Video Library

PNW4WDA Video Library

The PNW4WDA maintains a library of videos that can be checked out by its members.
Videos can be checked out for two weeks.
Member is responsible for returning videos to the Video Chairman.

Contact the Video Chairman to check out a video or to suggest a video to be added to the library.

Available Videos:

How To Videos

Hammerwelding Techniques (50 minutes)
How to Properly Build a Small Block Chevy (90 minutes)
How to Do Body Repairs (90 minutes)
How to Paint a Car (90 minutes)
Rust Repair (40 minutes)
350 Chev Transmission Rebuild (2 hours)
Wire Feed Welding (55 minutes)
Stick Welding (55 minutes)
Car Bodywork - Welding (55 minutes)
High Energy-Magnum Valve Training (How to degree a camshaft) 40 minutes
Safe Vehicle Mounted Winch Operations (15 minutes)
Dunlop Radial Rover RV (5 minutes)
This is NITROS (50 minutes)
Dent Repair (Very basic with tools you have at home) 30 minutes
Paint Tips (Very Basic with tools you have at home) 30 minutes
Edelbrock Shocks: The Inside Story

Other Videos

The Safe Route (Planning for safe four wheel drive trip) 20 minutes
The World of Four Wheeling (56 minutes)
Off Road Wars (40 minutes)
Moab Jeep Safari-Utah-Special thanks to Desert Rats-Tri Cities 2 copies
1994 Colorado Superwinch Safari Triathlon (Compliments of Bill Burke) June 24, 25, 26, 1994
Four Wheeling in Eastern Washington –Labor Day Weekend-1991 (Sand Fleas)
This Land This is Ours-Blue Ribbon Coalition (13 minutes)
PNW4WDA Region 1 Trail, Community Service (6 minutes)
PNW4WDA Region 1 Race and Trail Highlights (6 Minutes)
Moab Extreme
Rubicon Trail
Moab, Utah
Chokecherry Canyon
4-Wheeling Basics (4 copies)
Big Park
Tread Lightly!-Where the Pavement Ends (12 minutes)