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Are you ready to ignite the thrill of adventure in your kids while instilling values of responsibility and community engagement? Look no further than the PNW4WDA Future 4-Wheeler Youth Program!

Our mission

To provide the youth of the Pacific Northwest 4-Wheel Drive Association with opportunities for leadership, community involvement, and the pure joy of recreational activities. We believe in shaping future generations into not just off-road enthusiasts, but also responsible, engaged citizens.

Get Your Kids Rolling with the Future 4-Wheeler Program!

The program is as exciting as it is educational and is designed for youth aged 5 to 18. Signing up is a breeze – simply reach out to your Region Director or conveniently sign up online. Parents, you can even enroll your youngsters when you become PNW4WDA members!


Upon registration, each participant receives their very own membership card, which serves as a passport to document their incredible journey. And the best part? Every year at our winter convention, these young trailblazers will be celebrated for their contributions to the world of four-wheeling in the PNW!

The Road to Recognition

The Future 4-Wheeler Program encourages participants to set and achieve goals. No need to rush – there's no time limit! Once your child has completed their card and it's approved, they'll receive well-deserved awards and recognition at the next Winter Convention.

We've divided our young adventurers into age groups to make the experience more tailored and fun:

5 - 8 years
9 - 12 years
13 - 18 years

The program boasts an array of exciting categories that include but aren't limited to the following.



From articles for Tri-Power to letters to legislators.

Community Service

Community Service

Give back with beach cleanups and fundraisers.


Association Events

Attend meetings and legislative rallies.

Art Class


Share digital or hand-drawn masterpieces.

Hiking Boots

Trail Projects

Get hands-on with trail work parties (more than just trash pickup).

School Kids

School Projects

Incorporate four-wheel drive recreation into school assignments.

Reading a Book


Learn the ropes with classes on Jeeping 101, winch safety, and vehicle maintenance.


Fun Events

Rev up the excitement with races, rallies, and jamborees.

Writing by the Water

Activity Journals

Chronicle a year of four-wheeling adventures.

Earning Your Stripes (and Points!)

Our awards are based on a predetermined point system, with each region given the flexibility to tailor rewards to their youth. Budgets are set to ensure a fantastic experience for all.


Possible awards include:

🎁 Gift certificates to popular stores

👕 Stylish T-Shirts

📍 Collectible Pins

🎲 Fun Board Games

🏆 Plaques for outstanding achievements

📜 Special Awards for above-and-beyond contributions

Start Your Adventure Today!

Getting started is easy. Fill out the form, and your Future 4-Wheeler point card and membership pin will be on their way. Points can be earned by participating in designated events, and each point brings you closer to fantastic prizes. Remember, points are valid for one year, so seize the adventure!

Your kids deserve to be "Future 4-Wheelers," where they can earn points, have fun, and make a difference. If you have any questions, contact your our Future Four Wheelers Representative at

Adventure awaits! Join us on this thrilling journey and be part of a community that promotes responsible four-wheeling and builds future leaders.

Become a Future 4-Wheeler!

Thank you for registering as a Future 4-Wheeler. We will be in contact with you soon!

Points and Prizes Await!

Ready to earn points and unlock amazing prizes?

Here's a sneak peek at designated events and the points you can earn:

Helping on an Official Committee
Add 35 points
PNW Winter Convention
30 points
PNW Fall Delegate's Meeting
30 points
PNW Sponsored Trail Jamboree Work Party
35 points
Helping on an Official Committee
Add 35 points
PNW Sponsored Summer Convention
30 points
Conservation & Work Party Participation
10 points each, totaling 50 points
Letter Writing, Written Articles, Class Presentations
5 points each, totaling 60 points
Region-Sponsored Play Days or Trail Runs
5 points each, totaling 15 points
Club or Individual Trail Runs or Play Days
5 points each, totaling 30 points
Club or Other Meetings
5 points each, totaling 60 points
Region Meetings
10 points each, totaling 120 points

Total Points: 565

How to Redeem Your Points for Prizes

Turning in your point card is easy. Simply give it to the Region Director of your residence either by mail or at a meeting. Points will be recorded and sent to the PNW Club Power Chairman, who will verify your points for the prize. The prize will be sent to your Region Director, where you can either attend their Region Meeting to receive it or have it mailed to you.

Should you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to contact our Future Four Wheelers Representative at

Your adventure is just beginning. Sign up to be a Future 4-Wheeler today!

Future 4-Wheeler Sign-up
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