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We are profoundly grateful for the overwhelming support and generosity of our sponsors for this year's Trail Jamboree! Our sponsors plays a pivotal role in the success of this event, enabling us to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of off-roading together while promoting environmental stewardship and community engagement. Your contributions not only enhance the jamboree experience but also empower us to further our mission of advocating for responsible off-road driving and trail preservation. We sincerely appreciate your partnership and dedication to our shared passion and look forward to making this year's event unforgettable, thanks to your invaluable support. Check out our amazing sponsors below!

Become a Sponsor and/or a Vendor and add your logo and link below!

Contact Angie Marek at or call 253-381-7916 to get more information on Trail Jamboree sponsorship. 

This year's Trail Jamboree is excited to introduce Vendor Day on Thursday, July 11th, a special day dedicated to showcasing the best of what attendees and vendors alike have to offer. It's a prime opportunity for everyone involved to display their latest products, innovative solutions, and services to a passionate audience. From the latest in outdoor gear and equipment to customized services tailored for the off-road adventurer, Vendor Day promises to be a bustling hub of activity, interaction, and discovery. Whether you're looking to connect with potential customers, increase your brand's visibility, or simply explore the latest trends and offerings in the market, our Vendor Day is the perfect platform to achieve your goals. Join us to make connections, share your passion, and celebrate the spirit of adventure that brings our community together.


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