Evans Creek

Location: SE of Enumclaw, Buckley and Wilkeson Washington; NW of Mt. Rainier National Park.
Description:  Twenty miles of four wheel drive trails. Difficulty ranges from easy(unmaintained logging roads) to more difficult(may require traction aid devices or good recovery equipment) Mt. Rainier is an attraction and can be viewed from several vista points. This trail system is maintained fully by volunteers
  • Trail 102 is split into two sections. The main trail head from the entry parking area is a short trail rated "easy". It is mainly flat with a few large puddles after a rain and is easily travelled in a stock 4x4 vehicle. At the end of this section you can exit the trail system back to SR 165 or continue up the rest of the 102 trail. This section is rated "most difficult" and has many switchback turns as it traverses back and forth up a steep hillside.
  • Trail 120 is a lightly traveled short trail in the north section of the area. It is rated "easy"
  • Trail 197 is rated "most difficult" and in many opinions is the most difficult trail in the Evans Creek area. Although short it has large rocks, tight slight off camber corners, steep hillclimb sections, and a large water hole near the top of the trail.
  • Trail 198 is also rated as "most difficult". It has a few steep climbs, rocky areas, and some off camber trail.
  • Trail 198A is a spur of trail 198 and is rated "most difficult". This trail has a couple rock outcropping in the trail and is either up or down hill depending on direction of travel
  • Trail 199 is rated "easy" but is a relatively tight trail. Fullsize rigs should expect body damage on this trail.
  • Trail 311 is the first trail most people see as it starts right at the entrance to the area. For that reason it does see quite a bit of use. It is rated as "most difficult" with steep hills, large rock areas, and tight sections. From a few clearings along this trail there are great views of Mt. Rainier
  • Trail 311A is a short trail rated "easy" that connects the middle of the 311 trail to the campground. This trail connects to the 311 at one of the clearings with a view of Mt. Rainier.
  • Trail 519 is split into two sections. The southern part is rated "easy" and has small boulder sections and a couple mild hills. There are a few peeks of Mt. Rainier along the trail and there is a logpile in a clearing that users like to test their vehicles and skill on. The northern part of the 519 is rated "more difficult" with moderate hills and rock formations to overcome.
  • Trail 519A is a spur off of the 519 trail that recconects to the 519. This section of trail is on a hillside and bypasses the most difficult section of the 519
  • Trail 520 is the longest trail in the area. It is rated "more difficult" with moderate hills on narrow paths, tight sections and also traverses 2 rockslide areas with up to large tire sized boulders. Being that the trail starts right across from the campground it can see heavy traffic on busy weekends.
Season: Year round
Fee: NW Forest Pass is required to park inside Evans Creek and can be purchased at any US Forest Service office in the northwest and also at the Burnett Chevron gas station on the road to the park.
Amenities: There is a campground without hookups but does have concrete pit bathrooms. Also there is two Picnic Shelters, one is for use by the campground host if there is a host present.
Maps: How to get there
Trail map
Contact: For more information inluding printed maps and information on being a campground Host contact the White River Ranger District
White River Ranger District (Hours M-F 8:00-4:15)
450 Roosevelt Ave. E.
Enumclaw, WA  98022-9282
Phone: 360-825-6585
PNW4WDA contact: Send email to Derrick Clark for more information on hosting at Evans Creek and also the Work party there in the spring.

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