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What impact do your dues have?

In 2024 the PNW4WDA dues will be $50.00 per family, an increase of $10.00 per family, per year. Listed below are the answers to some great questions that have come from our membership regarding the dues you pay and how they are spent.

1. All the services that the PNW4WDA provides, Membership management, Flyers, Banners, Etc., are not cheap, we made decisions several years ago to move towards a more professional image, especially when dealing with the public and government officials. This image is beginning to take shape and are producing results beyond our expectations.

2. Costs for fuel has increased to over $5.00 per gallon.

3. Lodging for the board members also has increased significantly in the same time frame. While some meetings are being held virtually, we also need to meet in person several times a year to move this organization forward. Your board members donate large amounts of their time and vacation to represent you, the least we can do is help with some basic, but necessary costs.

4. We as members need to understand that the money, we donate to the Association is a minuscule part of what our detractors spend yearly to try and keep us away from our form of recreation. We are very lucky that the Board of Directors are willing to come forward and stand up to the big money and we need to make sure we have the tools to allow them to be successful.

5. Recently the question was asked “Why we need more money when we have so much money in savings?”. The main reason is, that money has an earmark. If we have something come up and need large sums of money for legal fees, we have a foundation. If we do not keep a “war chest” then the first time something comes up, we won’t have the money to do anything and we watch our trails go away. While some think the balance is large, it would be depleted quickly if we had to fight a legal battle on our own. We have used these funds in the past, even the past year we sent money to a club in North Idaho to fight a road closure that was brought to court, we have sent money to other organizations in the past to help keep public land open.

6. The board has used and continues to use several tools to reduce expenses; zoom meetings, email, conference calls, even taking over more responsibilities with the website, moved Tri-power to an online publication per a delegate vote. We are very frugal with association money, but we do need to pay our responsibilities.

7. Our PNW4WDA Partners are growing, and it is important we can provide opportunities to promote their business as they support us. When our directors and board members approach government entities, potential partners and more, one of the first questions we are asked is “How many members do you have?” Your membership either as a club or an individual member makes a huge difference. Volunteer organizations are only as strong as its members.

We hope these points answer some of your questions on the 2024 dues increase. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to a board member.



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